Face-On Putting, the Utopia Way

Let me start right up front today and tell you that I am trying to sell you a putter. Haha! I can hear the deletes from here. But for you that stayed, you know my heart… there must be more.

God is creative and will go to any links to draw the lost to Him. He does it out of love. This may surprise you but I know many who were introduced to Him because of a putter… the Face-On putter from the book and movie.

A psychologist who thought he had all the answers for everyone in life, but was dying on the inside himself, joined me for nine holes one day in Colorado. He wanted to know what made me tick. I was wondering how I was going to get past his Teflon exterior that was averse to God. God had a plan. This gentleman left his putter on the practice green by accident. When we arrived at the first green he had a 60 foot putt that broke left early about 6 feet then would swing back to the right about 10 feet--typical mountain course. 

I heard him mumble what I thought was a curse word under his breath as he looked feverishly for his putter. He realized he had left it on the practice green and we didn’t have time to retrieve it. He had read Seven Days in Utopia the night before in preparation for our meeting and was intrigued by many things including the introduction of Face-On putting.

I pulled my old Face-On putter from my bag and said that he would be using my putter today and would have the privilege of trying out this new method during our round. I demonstrated with a practice stroke how it looked and worked. He took one practice stroke and then putted the putt of his life. God reached down and dug a trench to the hole… that ball was going in no matter what! When it hit the bottom of the cup, the tears emerged as he knew for the first time, something deeper was going on. I explained the symbolism of the putter in the book. He met Jesus during those nine holes… because of a putter. 

I carry books in my bag from experience. When someone asks why I putt this way I say, “Well it is a long story, here read about it then give me a call.” I don’t even tell them I wrote it some of the time. I sign them and put my number after the final sentence. Many call… God speaks… and I weep thinking how a putter led another into a place called eternity.

Today our new Face-On putter has arrived. I have personally used this state of the art see-through acrylic putter for several years. It is extraordinary as is the putter maker, Wes Mickle, a true “Johnny.” Sandy Reese, our dear and beloved friend and our first putter maker, died the week before the movie came out. The original Face-On putters stopped being made soon after. God then put Wes and me together. When you click below you will know why. The putter he makes is a “show stopper.” I can only imagine how many putts will be made, heads turned, books handed out, and feet in heaven because of this new putter.

Well, if you haven’t deleted this message by now, it just might be because the Almighty is inviting you on a fun adventure. Click below and let me introduce you to the new USGA approved Face-On putter. I will also describe why the non-anchored Face-On stoke is a legal USGA stroke as well.


Learn more about the Face-On putter.

David L. Cook