Drought and Flood - a Father's Day Message

The Sabinal River dried up. Never before has this happened in Utopia. While there were a few pockets of water along the desperate valley floor, the seven-year drought had taken its toll on the springs. You see, it’s the springs that are the source for this life giving wonder. The occasional rain provides nothing more than run-off water. What is needed to recharge the springs is a sustained rain. 

And then there is Father’s Day. Oh my. There may be no holiday that comes with so much emotion. Why? Because it seems there is no perfect father on this earth. But all little boys and girls desperately need one. Every man it seems is suffering from some level of drought. And for all of us men, there is a day of reckoning when we realize that not only was our father not perfect, neither are we as fathers… and the cycle continues.


But this week, the floods came to Utopia and the sustained rains filled the river to overflowing and the springs burst forth, recharged for years to come. And with it the realization that God has the fatherhood thing covered… and the flood of His word recharges my soul and every man that wants to drink from the river of life.

Jesus spoke these words, “Our Father in heaven, holy is your name…” You see God knows. His word says, “I will be your father and you will be called my children. You shall be ‘sons of the Kingdom’.”

And once again, my soul is full knowing that God covers the divide for what I can’t provide for my children and for what my father couldn’t provide for me. And in light of that knowledge, I become a better father.

I wrote deeply about this in Johnny’s U.S. Open: Golf’s Sacred Journey 2. If God leads, put one in the hands of the fathers and sons in your sphere of influence this Father’s Day who are in a draught and need a flood of grace from the Almighty.

Happy Father’s Day! Yes it can be because we are called children of God… children of a perfect Father.

David L. Cook