Johnny's U.S. Open

Golf's Sacred Journey 2

Life is a sacred journey. It is a trek where a meltdown can precede greatness, where common strangers emerge as pathfinders, where a fork in the road can change a destiny, and where grace abounds for the perceptive. Around every bend of this circuitous adventure modern-day parables are revealed to the noticer and often a name is more than a name. It is sacred because its true mission is to catalyze a revolution of the soul.
— From Chapter 1 of Johnny's U.S. Open

In this sequel to Seven Days In Utopia the young tour pro returns to Utopia for a quick U.S. Open tune-up. Instead he receives a life altering challenge from Johnny to spend seven more days in Utopia. Along the way we discover the truth about Johnny’s past, meet his family, and take a trail ride to the “chapel without walls.” Johnny intrigues us again with his old school methods and the unveiling of a new swing - the Utopia Pre-Set. He weaves parables from an antique seed bin and miniature piano to inspire greatness. He uses a wild stallion, round pen and red bandanna to teach the foundations of freedom in the chaos on game day. Because of a natural disaster, the U.S. Open is moved at the last minute to a new first time venue. It becomes the most difficult tournament in the history of the game, providing a showcase for mental toughness and a backdrop for a showdown with the greatest players in golf. In the end, it’s Johnny’s influence as a dream-guardian that alters eternity and the National Open. It truly becomes “Johnny’s U.S. Open.”




David Cook has a way of reaching into those places where all the pain and shame are stored for the purpose of letting God take them away for good. The truths in this book have touched my heart and inspired me to be all in for God’s purpose. I hope and pray that they have the same impact on you.
— Tom Lehman, British Open Champion 1996, U.S. Ryder Cup Captain 2006
Dr. Cook has been a mentor of mine for 20 years. He inspires all of us to dream big. Johnny’s U.S. Open touches the golfer’s heart and soul in unexpected ways. In his first book we were coached to bury the lies that hold us back in life. In this sequel you will be inspired to plant ‘dream seed’ that will usher you into your destiny in golf and life.
— Major Dan Rooney, PGA – Founder, Folds of Honor and the Patriot Golf Club, Tulsa Oklahoma
Once again, David Cook’s story telling ability is incredible. He creatively weavestogether golf lessons and life lessons from a heavenly perspective. Fear is a common theme in our lives. Johnny’s U.S. Open coaches us to overcome fear’s grip and discover freedom in the chaos especially on game day.
— Hall Sutton, 1983 PGA Championship Champion and PGA Tour Player of the Year, Ryder Cup Captain, 2004
Dr. Cook’s second book, Johnny’s U.S. Open, is as great if not even greater than the first. It takes the reader even deeper into Truth. It confronts man’s ancient enemy: fear. Its lessons release us from fear’s prison into freedom’s brilliant light.
— Jim Hardy, 2007 National PGA Teacher of the Year, Best-Selling Author, Top 10 Golf Instructor -- Golf Digest
David Cook has done it again with Johnny’s U.S. Open! He has a gift for telling a story that captivates your interest. You can’t wait to turn the page. He paints vivid word pictures that illustrate not only nature’s beauty, but life lessons based on God’s unchanging truth. If you enjoyed Dr. Cook’s first book, you won’t want to miss reading the rest of the story. I loved it and know you will, too!
— Scott Simpson, U.S. Open Champion, 1987
I’ve known David Cook for a long time. It doesn’t surprise me that he continues to communicate and inspire so effectively. By helping you to reflect on your personal journey, Johnny’s U.S. Open will lead you down the path to true greatness.
— David Robinson, NBA MVP, 1992 Olympic Gold Medalist, Two-Time World Champion
Johnny’s U.S. Open has changed the intentions of my heart. The concept of dream-guardian has awakened a dream seed within my soul.
— Tom Woods, Executive Vice President, Colliers International, Retail Properties
Johnny’s U.S. Open is jam packed with spiritual nuggets inspiring us to be strong and courageous along the path of our faith journey. David Cook once again strums the longing chords God has placed in our hearts.
— Bill Rogers, 1981 British Open Champion and PGA Tour Player of the Year
David Cook takes us back to Utopia in an even more in depth and sophisticated light than we’ve ever seen before. We journey deeper into our relationship with Johnny and get to know his history and teachings from the core. The book is filled with wonderful new characters and sub-plots while expanding on all the teachings of our first trip to Utopia. I’m excited to grab my clubs and find my own Freedom in the Chaos!
— Matthew Dean Russell, Director: Seven Days in Utopia
Dr. Cook has been one of my dream guardians for the last few years. His teaching has taught me to have freedom in the chaos. This book transcends golf and teaches us to be noticers in the game of life. As I play, Dr. Cook has encouraged me to be a noticer inside the ropes of the Tour. I know that Johnny’s U.S. Open will open your eyes to freedom, dreams, and the pursuit of your ultimate destiny.
— Billy Hurley III, Professional Golfer