Game Day

“Game Day.” These words evoke such emotion. For anyone who has ever competed it is the day we live for. Game day is unlike any other. It is fraught with interference, intensity, expectations and distractions on a grand scale. And when it is over the scoreboard is lit up for the whole world to see. It is both the canvas of destiny making moments as well as forgettable crash and burn scenes. My goal in life is to help those brave enough to step into the arena to:

 “Play their best when it means the most.”  

I invite you to come on a journey with me to discover the secrets to what I call “freedom in the chaos” on game day. I have penned these secrets in The Psychology of Tournament Golf: Playing Your Best When it Means the Most.  These PGA Tour tested ideas will translate into any arena, including business and life.  Is there someone in your life that could use a boost on their journey to greatness this season?


[Image from the movie based on Dr. Cook's book Seven Days In Utopia, featuring Robert Duvall and Lucas Black.]

The Psychology of Tournament Golf

Playing Your Best When it Means the Most

To succeed on game day you have to have freedom in the chaos. In his new book, The Psychology of Tournament Golf Dr. Cook delivers his PGA Tour tested strategies for playing your best when it means the most.

David L. Cook