Putt Face-On™

Truth Trumps Tradition


Introducing the new concept of the Face-On "Ice Cube" putter.

This putter and the method of putting with the Face-On "Ice Cube" is about to take the golf world to a new level.

I studied many designs before settling on this one created by one of the country’s most creative putter makers, Wes Mickle. This patented putter’s state-of-the-art design and unique see through acrylic composite will serve you well as you begin your Face-On journey.

The bullet proof crystal clear acrylic head has a feel like non other. The ball pops off the face rolling end over end. As you look down at the clear acrylic all you see is a red line* directing all your attention and focus toward your target. All putter head distractions have been purposely eliminated for enhanced focus.

*Discover the significance of the “red line” by reading Dr. Cook’s book, Seven Days in Utopia.

The putter comes with a 21" Winn grip and 46" shaft with a single bend set at the very minimum allowed by the USGA at 10%. This allows an almost perfect vertical pendulum and helpful for the average golfer becoming adapted to this style of putting.

Standing with the ball off to your side, and both feet facing the target, it provides the golfer a much better view of the line of the putt. It is the ultimate alignment aid. The remainder of the putter is see-through, designed that way in order to eliminate visual distractions and simplify focus. Consequently, if you can aim a rifle, you can aim your putter, lower your score, and become a better golfer.





Dr. Cook writes extensively on the philosophy and technique of Face-On Putting in the bonus section of The Psychology of Tournament Golf.