The Seed Bin of Dreams

I noticed it one day as I was walking through our ranch near Utopia. Probably passed it a thousand times without stopping. But on this day it caught my heart by surprise. An old plow and seed bin that had been pulled out of the field about 70 years ago to never do again what it was made to do. It had sat motionless for all those years. And then it happened. I approached it with curiosity and lifted the lid to the seed bin. The rusty hinges groaned with age. I peered inside as a hideous red wasp exploded from the darkness as if protecting some hidden treasure. My knees nearly buckled as the light revealed seed… lots of seed that had meant to be planted 70 years ago. Seed that would never produce fruit, stuck in a seed bin of lost dreams. I thought of us. Men who have had God given dreams stuck in the seed bins of our hearts for years. Who knows… maybe it was failure, tragedy, fear, naysayers, intimidation, or the lure of false dreams that shut the lid tight.

Good news. I know the Dream Giver. He wants you to re-claim your dreams… your true purpose. It’s never too late. On April 4-6 we are going to the seed bin to do just that. Join me this spring in Utopia for our annual men’s retreat. Dream seed will be provided!

David L. Cook