A Christmas Revelation from Utopia

I had a revelation the other day. I’m hoping that it will speak to your heart this Christmas season. Joseph had a dream, his second dream from an angel. In this particular dream the angel told Joseph to take Mary and the baby Jesus and walk across the desert hundreds of miles to Egypt. No convenience stores or hotels along the way; to a country with a different language and they would travel through territory where thieves could appear at any moment.

How could he leave his job as a carpenter and head off to a new country. How would he support his family? Faith? Absolutely. But he had something else too. He had Christmas gifts that would help sustain them… gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  Remember the first Christmas gifts the wise men brought? Now I know why God had them travel hundreds of miles to give their valuable gifts to a family they didn’t know. They were part of the rescue mission for the savior of the world. They had no idea how these valuable gifts would be used. They just knew they were called. 

I am not sure of the value of their gifts on the open market, but we can assume that it put Joseph in position to see the precise hand of God. God used the gold, frankincense, and myrrh as provision for the journey—the journey that would save the life of Jesus. Joseph was indeed God’s dream guardian for Jesus… and so were the wise men.

When we listen to the Holy Spirit this Christmas, he just might want to make provision through you for the sacred journey of another. Expect it. God may also speak to you through a dream about your next journey as well. If He does, remember He is faithful and true. Be expecting provision.

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David L. Cook


David L. Cook