Spring in Utopia

Spring. I love that word especially after a winter like we have had. The cold and grey does that to you. It’s relentless hold on nature presses against hope. But then out of nowhere, a seed that fell to the ground during winter’s first assault sprouts. The miracle of life and creation’s source of anticipation breaks through the frozen lifeless ground. The scrawny looking arms of the leafless tress suddenly become covered with knobby little buds that challenge winter’s last bluffs. And then one day it happens. An explosion of color and growth and with it a dissipation of hopelessness and fear that this would be the year that spring wouldn’t return. 

My heart is like that. The pain causes the colors of life to retreat for a period. If you are like me, you wonder sometimes if the winter of the soul will ever pass. 

The good news is that is does and I know the author of spring. I would love to tell you more. Join me this Spring in Utopia for a retreat. The Texas wildflowers will be in full bloom shouting in concert of the true source of life. The fellowship will be rich, lies will be buried, and pars will be abundant.


Your friend on this sacred journey,

David L. Cook

David L. Cook