Just Listen...

"I found a majestic oak next to the oat patch that fit my mission. I spotted a nice patch of grass to sit on and leaned back against the trunk of this purveyor of time. Utopia is in the middle of nowhere, and this spot was about five miles from Utopia. So you could say I was five miles from nowhere. 

It was so quiet that I could almost hear the wings of the butterflies that were dancing wistfully between the rain lilies. Dragon flies, the helicopters of the insect world, moved about the oat patch in military fashion. Doves dove into the field, seemingly out of nowhere, seeking seed and gravel while the Vermilion Flycatcher found his fill from flying insects as he appeared to be shagging flies from the cedar posts. Thus I watched and observed creation, soaking it in, marveling at the miracles of life. All this was just a prelude to the Voice."

Johnny's U.S. Open: Golf's Sacred Journey 2, chapter 9

Stepping away from the noise of our daily lives and into a serene place is the best way to hear our Maker's voice. I'd like to invite you to make the trek and experience what Utopia has to offer with me for a weekend during our Spring Retreat, April 7-9, 2017. Feel free to invite your friends. We hope to see you here.

David L. Cook



Vermilion Flycatcher photo by Sean Fitzpatrick.

David L. Cook