Utopia Pre-Set Swing

"I am a part-time competitive golfer and full-time sport psychologist, among other things. I began to understand that getting the toe pronated just the right amount, the club precisely on plane, the wrist hinged just right while keeping the back of the left wrist flat, all while maintaining the correct spine angle while all the parts were in motion, was a monumental task for a part-time competitor. To hit the slot and synchronize all the moving parts time and again, especially in competition, was going to be a continuing issue for me or for anyone who competes in this great game. With the traditional swing, this game takes enormous maintenance to be competitive. Getting the club in the slot under pressure takes practice and experience. And, as I have discussed previously, it takes a bulletproof mental process."
- From Bonus Section I of The Psychology of Tournament Golf

The Utopia Pre-Set Swing will help you get the club in the slot in the first two moves of the backswing rather in the last two moves of the backswing. Here's how the four-step Utopia Pre-Set Swing works:

1. Hinge

Say the word “hinge” and let your left wrist hinge the club to about parallel to the ground. Your arms do not move, only your wrist. Make sure the back of the left wrist remains flat. There will be a tendency for it to cup.

2. Plane

Say the word “plane” as you rotate the toe of the club to about “one or two o’clock.” As you do, the shaft will also move in the direction of the toe. I find that the only way to maintain the hinge and open the toe is for the right elbow to drop slightly (right hand player.) dropping the right elbow supports a proper turn as well.

3. Turn

Say the word “turn” as you simply rotate around your spine. The club is set and just along for the ride at this point. It will be perfectly set at the top without you having to ever think of that again!

4. Turn

Say the word “turn” as you simply uncoil. Your club will have the “Hogan lag” automatically. At this point just allow the club to release at impact with the centrifugal force you have created.





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