Do you understand that you have "a place in the game"? Dr. David Cook, author/executive producer of Seven Days in Utopia, challenges us to embrace the destiny placed before us... one that will change eternity. Hear the amazing details of how God brought the book and movie together and how you can apply the Seven Lessons learned in Utopia to your life.

Filmed at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, TX (home of Max Lucado) this eight segment teaching seminar led by Dr. Cook takes us through a powerful introduction followed by Seven Lessons learned in Utopia. These lessons were filmed before a live audience and follow the themes of the movie and book. Each lesson is approximately 30 minutes in length.


Introduction: My Sacred Journey (36:36)

Lesson 1: Live For The Feet In The Ashes (31:39)

Lesson 3: Call Your Shot (32:00)

Lesson 2: Take A Stand In The Bean Field (33:11)

Lesson 4: Truth Always Trumps Tradition (31:30)

Lesson 6: Bury The Lies (31:49)

Lesson 5: Practice For The Emergencies (33:29)

Lesson 7: Push Out Into The Deep (36:58)

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Listen as Dr. Cook takes you on the amazing journey of how the book and movie Seven Days In Utopia came out of the blue... that is heaven. You will be inspired by the hand of the great composer who orchestrated this incredible Gideon like Opus.

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