Do you understand that you have "a place in the game?" Dr. David Cook, author and executive producer of Seven Days in Utopia, challenges us to embrace the destiny placed before us... one that will change eternity.

In this eight-session teaching seminar led by Dr. Cook you will learn how you can apply the seven lessons learned in Utopia to your life and hear the amazing details of how God brought the book and movie together.

These sessions were filmed at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, TX (home of Max Lucado) before a live audience. Each session is approximately 30 minutes in length.

To use with a small group or Sunday School setting: Have your group read the corresponding chapter(s) listed next to each lesson below prior to the gathering. At the meeting show the video lesson for the first 30 minutes then use the final 30 minutes for discussion time between individuals in the group. If the group is large you may want to break up into groups of four or so. Let the time be a Holy Spirit led exploration of passages from the book or concepts from the video that God wants to use to speak to the group. If there is time at the end, allow each group to share one of their revelations to the larger group. Plan on having a time of burying lies following the final meeting. If the group wants to continue after this process, use Golf’s Sacred Journey, The Sequel and follow the same process without video support this time covering a chapter or two per week (discounted multipacks of the book are available at our website:

To use one on one: First give five to ten books (we have discounted multipacks available for this purpose) to friends or colleagues with your phone number written after the final sentence in the book with a message that says, "call me when you are finished." Pray for and expect a call. When the call comes invite the reader to meet with you for coffee and discuss in a general nature what the book meant to them. Then invite them on an eight week adventure with you to go through the 7 Lessons from Utopia (the eighth lesson is a sermon that ties it all together). Each week have your disciple read the corresponding chapter(s) of the book to the sessions below as well as watch the lesson. Invite them to meet at a coffee shop after each one along with their marked up book to discuss any passage that God uses to prick their heart. Let the Holy Spirit lead the time. After the final meeting plan to bury your lies together somewhere. Then inspire this person to do the same process with others. In the words of Jesus, you have gone into the world and made disciples. If they want another round, go through Golf’s Sacred Journey, The Sequel using the same process without the video, a chapter or two per week.



Lesson 1:
Live for the Feet in the Ashes (Chapters 1 and 2)

How can a game have such an effect on a man’s soul? Dr. Cook brings his experience and stories from his work with World, National, and PGA Champions to answer this question and issues a challenge to "Beyond Success" a place of eternal trophies.  

31:38 total running time



Lesson 2:
Take a Stand in the Bean Field (Chapters 3 and 4)

The enemy of greatness is in the business of stealing territory. Dr. Cook talks of taking a heroic stand in the middle of the field and to use the weapons God has equipped us with to win the battle for eternity. As Johnny states, "It all starts with Conviction."  

33:10 total running time



Lesson 3:
Call Your Shot (Chapter 5)

All performances start with a blank canvas. In this session Dr. Cook instructs us on how to paint a "Masterpiece." As his mentor taught him at the age of fourteen, "If you don't choose to paint a masterpiece you will spend your life mired in a world of stick figure outcomes." Dr. Cook unpacks the concept of SFT (see, feel, and trust).  

32:00 total running time



Lesson 4:
Truth Always Trumps Tradition (Chapter 6)

As Johnny says, "I have a respect for tradition but a passion for truth." Dr. Cook gives a clarion call to break ranks from tradition for traditions sake and become revolutionaries in the fight for truth. He discusses how the Face-On putting method became both a symbol and defining moment in the book and movie and challenges us to do the same in the game of life.  

31:29 total running time



Lesson 5:
Practice for the Emergencies (Chapters 7 and 8)

Being prepared for the emergencies of life provides the foundation for supreme confidence. Dr. Cook teaches on this juxtaposition and the power of living life fearlessly in the face of constant adversity and interference.  

33:29 total running time



Lesson 6:
Bury the Lies (Chapter 9)

Johnny challenged Luke to, "bury the suffocating lies, right here right now." In this session Dr. Cook opens the door to a life of freedom by disclosing the lies of the enemy of greatness and revealing our true identity on this sacred journey called life.  

31:49 total running time



Lesson 7:
Push Out Into the Deep (Chapters 10 and 11)

We are all destined for greatness. However, most people wade in the shallow waters of life living an adventure-less life. Dr. Cook speaks of the indescribable journey that awaits the courageous few who "push out into the deep and let down their nets."  

36:58 total running time



Backstory - My Sacred Journey (Read Epilogue and go to “” to bury lies)

Listen as Dr. Cook takes you on the amazing journey of how this book and movie came out of the blue... that is heaven.  You will be inspired by the hand of the great composer who orchestrated this incredible Gideon like Opus. Total running time, 33:07.



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