Mindset of a Champion

Performing Your Best When it Means the Most

Focus | Passion | Mental Toughness

Reaching Your Potential in a World of Constant Change and Adversity

Known around the county for the impact of his message, Dr. David Cook helps you discover how to elevate your performance while under extraordinary pressure. In this dynamic three hour series, Dr. Cook shares principles that allow leaders in business and sport to achieve their fullest potential in the most competitive environments.

Covered in this series are:
- How interference impacts performance.
- The greatest predictor of success.
- The five barriers to peak performance.
- The five absolutes of mental toughness, and
- How to move from good to great.

You'll also discover how to perform your best when it means the most.

Zig Ziglar writes, "...David Cook is knowledgeable, persuasive, sincere, and specific in teaching the 'why and how' of change and growth through tough-minded mental applications. His program encourages and enables people from every walk of life to deliver superior performance. Dr. Cook's messagge is exciting and his directions are specific and easily applied."

Just like the world's greatest athletes, you will have the chance to fulfill your greatest potential in the midst of interference, by embracing the principles presented in the Mindset of a Champion series.