"I could sense that Johnny was no ordinary man. He found a way to unlock hidden treasure, release latent talent, and water forgotten seeds of expectation… I was in awe of a man who would give a stranger a week of his time and a lifetime of wisdom… I thought philosophically for a moment. Don't we all need a Johnny in our lives? Where are all the Johnnies? "

- Seven Days In Utopia: Golf's Sacred Journey, Chapter 8

Hello, my name is Jim Sechrist from Augusta, Georgia. I am serving as the director of The Johnny Project. We are establishing the beach head of this revolution a few miles from Augusta National, home of The Masters. This is quite a juxtaposition from Utopia, Texas. Only God could have connected the two communities for this mission.

Dr. Cook's book, Seven Days in Utopia: Golf's Sacred Journey, has spread across the country in a very unconventional manner. Individuals by the thousands have purchased this book off our web site in packs of 10 or more, passing them along in their sphere of influence. We have put some structure to this movement and are calling this the The Johnny Project. It now includes the book, the movie, and Dr. Cook's new streaming video series titled: Seven Lessons from Utopia. We are on target to reach at least 1 million people through this project! It started from day one as readers inspired by the powerful example of Johnny have used their influence to get this book in the hands of those who need encouragement. The stories from The Johnny Project have been amazing. While performances have been enhanced in business, life, and golf, the deeper impact of the message has been in the hearts of the readers. Doors that have been locked tight for years are being opened. Buried lies are being released. Thousands are embarking on a new and sacred journey of faith.

I am inviting you to join me and The Johnny Project team through the use of your influence with your friends, family, co-workers, organization, golf outing, or in some other creative manner. Please contact me directly for the details of this incredible adventure at: SFTAugusta@jjsechrist@bellsouth.net. You can also click below for information regarding our Johnny Project discounted multipacks of the book and movie.