The Mindset of a Champion

Reaching Your Potential in a World of Constant Change and Adversity

Technology changes with a blur, the stock market continues to fluctuate wildly, major corporations are imploding because of a lack of integrity, consumer confidence continues to erode, and all the while a new strain of terrorism grips the world. 

In the face of this onslaught of adversity, corporate success will be directly related to “interference” management. The Mindset of a Champion seminar tackles this issue head on and provides cutting edge strategies for competing at the highest level while facing great odds. It has been said that performance = potential – interference. The issue in most organizations is not one of potential. No, the issue is how to have potential emerge on “game day” when the interference is the loudest. Dr. Cook will deliver the same game changing strategies with your organization that he has used with World Champions. Focus, Passion, and Mental Toughness will serve as the three pillars of this keynote:

Focus: Where are you headed?

Passion: How bad do you want to get there?

Mental Toughness: Are you prepared for the adversity along the way?


Dr. Cook's business clients have included The PGA of America, Exxon Mobil, Sprint, HP/Compaq, USAA, Heinz, American Express, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Texas Instruments, Bayer, Interstate Battery, StorageTek, Pitney Bowes, US Filter, State Farm Insurance, Robert Half International, Key Bank, Conoco/Phillips, and many others.


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During the eight years Dr. Cook was employed by the Spurs we experienced much success including two NBA Championships and the best winning percentage in all of professional sports. His input to our team contributed significantly to these accomplishments. I am confident that David could prove to be a worthwhile resource for your organization.
— R.C. Buford
Senior Vice President/General Manager

San Antonio Spurs
David Cook brings the full package to an audience when he speaks: wisdom, experience, insight, encouragement, challenge, and humor.  He embeds challenging perspective into structured presentations sure to help motivate achievement oriented groups.  You’ll want to have him back!
— Bryce Danley
Managing Director
Ameriprise Financial Services
Of all the guest speakers we have had over the past 11 years, Dr. Cook by far was the best in relating to our audience with his message.   He inspired many of our customers that day and we have had more positive feedback about this speaker than any other.
— Monty Rogers
Executive Vice President
Security Bank
My team was absolutely blown away both by Dr. Cook’s knowledge and experience but even more by his delivery and obvious passion for helping others grow.  I’ve also been fortunate to witness Dr. Cook interact with Fortune 500 CEO’s at an annual golf/leadership event at Pine Valley and I know for a fact those executives were equally impressed with his communication skills and added value to their leadership styles.
— Eric Affeldt
Chief Executive Officer
David Cook is an extraordinarily gifted coach, counselor, speaker and writer who is able to motivate and encourage people like no one I’ve ever seen.  He spoke  at our Senior Management meeting last year, and people are still talking about him a year later and the performance enhancing principles he shared. His incredible experience at coaching individuals to achieve peak performance is as relevant and applicable in a business environment as it is to professional athletes. He is a “Picasso”!
— Joe Gorder
Dr. Cook’s presentation to our leadership team was special. He is a man that we not only tremendously admire, but highly recommended to any organization looking to strengthen their management teams approach to achieving goals. David teaches and gives proper perspective to leaders via an encouraging and challenging program for self development.
— Trey Vick
Chief Executive Officer
DTK, Inc.
We had to opportunity to have Dr. Cook speak to a group of our advisors.  He did a remarkable job relating what we do every day to the mental obstacles his clients have encountered in the sports world.  He was able to change the way many of us approach the hurdles we face every day in continuing to grow our business.
— Cody Vardeman
Edward Jones, Inc.
Bottom line is this. If anyone is looking for help getting their team to FOCUS on where to go, have PASSION enough to do what it takes really want to get there and MENTAL TOUGHNESS to not let distractions along the way derail them....then David Cook is the right person to have come and motivate their group!! He will have everyone engaged and on the edge of their seats by intertwining real life stories into his message. This is a can’t miss opportunity to make your event a success.
— Mark Owens
Regional Manager
Even though the historic storm in the Northeast prevent Dr. Cook from speaking to us in person, the energy he was able to convey via video feed was remarkable - the audience was glued to the screen and fully participative.  He really was terrific - David slew Goliath this morning at our event!
— Trina Evans
CAO and Director of Client Experience