Congratulations on beginning your sacred journey.

You have just crossed the line to eternity... that is an amazing thought and reality!

Your lies will be buried in the "Buried Lies Cemetery" just outside the walls of the Waresville Cemetery in Utopia, Texas. We're so privileged that you've allowed us to join you on your trek.

It is our prayer that you would choose to continue your journey with us. After writing the book and filming of the movie, Dr. Cook put together a streaming video series as the final piece of the puzzle developed to launch you "into the deep" on this grand adventure we like to call "Life's Sacred Journey." The streaming program consists of an eight part series called "7 Lessons from Utopia." It includes a powerful intro that details Dr. Cook's personal journey along with seven specific lessons that are essential to your ascent to freedom... freedom in Christ. In each of these 30 minute segments, Dr. Cook was filmed before a live audience in San Antonio, Texas. Please click HERE to view the "Seven Lessons from Utopia" (use discount code SFT to watch for free) and to paddle out into "the deep" with Dr. Cook.

Once you have completed the "Seven Lessons Series" you will be equipped and prepared to join the "Johnny Project" team. This is where you will scale the summit and join others in the rarified air of significance...

Finally, Dr. Cook recently finished the sequel to Seven Days in Utopia. It is called Johnny’s U.S. Open and it is available on our website for your continued encouragement and journey to freedom.  The books are discounted so you can share one with a friend and help us spread the good news. You can purchase 2 for the price of 1 right now by clicking HERE.

To complete your daily journey here is a link to a daily devotional that Dr. Cook personally recommends and receives each day. It is built around golf and faith and is a special way to start your day each morning: Check out

If you would like to receive occasional information from Dr. Cook via email, a confirmation email is on its way to the email address you provided in which you can click a link to verify your email address and join our newsletter list; or if you prefer, opt out from receiving any further emails from us.

Please let us know if there is any way that we can help or encourage you as you travel this new road. As always you are invited to come to Utopia and spend a few days with Dr. Cook at one of our retreats.

Hope to meet each of you there.


Many Blessings,

Tracy Hillis
Ministry Coordinator