The Failed Goat Ranch


About 15 years ago I had discovered the worst driving range in the country. It was in Utopia, Texas. Down here in Texas we call bad courses and ranges goat ranches. One day while I was hitting balls there, if you could call them balls, a gentleman drove by and stopped. He was the owner. His name was Wayne. To my recollection it was the only time I met him. I asked him what gave him the inspiration to build a driving range in the middle of nowhere. His answer floored me. “Well Sonny, I am an old goat rancher and when the bottom fell out of the goat business I had to do something with my property, so I built a driving range.” Not only was this a goat ranch, it was a failed goat ranch!

Lets jump ahead 15 years. Wayne went on to build a minimalist nine holer there as well encircling the cemetery. He passed on to heaven a few years back. Last weekend a group of 15 men from around the country showed up for our annual retreat. We played the course and buried our lies in the cemetery. In the past 15 years, God wrote a book revolving around this course, God made a movie revolving around this course, and over 14,000 people have sent their buried lies to us to be physically buried there in the cemetery and accepted Jesus as their Lord. Thousands have made a spiritual trek there on their own to experience this movement of God revolving around this golf course.

With Jesus’ arm around Wayne in heaven, they look down as Jesus says, “Wayne, look what I did with your failed goat ranch. Thousands will be here with us because of it.” And Wayne is in awe… and I am in utter awe!!!