Sarah and Morgan

The true journey of awe is better than fiction. 

Several years back we were living in Fort Worth, Texas. I was commuting back and forth to San Antonio every other week to work with the San Antonio Spurs. An opportunity came about that would allow us to move to San Antonio to have more time with the team, as well as start a “mental game” golf academy at a major resort. But there was a catch…

We had two young daughters at the time. We lived an idyllic life three houses down from my in-laws and next door to my older daughter’s best friend. This girl was like a sister to both our girls. We loved Ft. Worth, loved our church, and my brothers both lived in the area.

My wife and I prayed about this for months. I was determined not to move my family from this special situation for my selfish dreams and ambitions. This had to be God’s decision. We asked that He would clearly show us if it were His desire and purpose for us to do something that drastic. We needed a sign.

About eight months into praying our family was traveling to San Antonio to be with the Spurs for Easter weekend and to meet with the business people behind the proposed academy. A day before the trip my wife was comforting my daughter who was heartsick thinking of the potential of leaving Ft. Worth permanently. My wife shared with me on the drive down that to console my daughter she had made up a story about two girls waiting to be friends with our daughter in San Antonio. She had woven a sweet tale of two girls named Sarah and Morgan and the great times they would have. My daughter loved the story and was fully engaged in the tale. There was plenty of laughter and comfort at the thought of the potential adventures they would share. 

On Good Friday while in San Antonio we attended Max Lucado’s church where Michael W. Smith was to perform. We arrived and took our seats near the back. My wife took our toddler for a little walk to burn off some energy. Our seven-year-old daughter and I were left in the midst of several thousand people whom we didn’t know. I noticed a man behind me that had children about my daughter’s age. So I started a conversation and introduced my daughter. He then introduced us to the two girls next to him. He said, “This is my daughter Sarah and her friend Morgan…”

My heart skipped a few beats as I quietly gasped. My eyes filled with tears as my wife returned just in time. I asked the surprised man to introduce his girls once again. The words Sarah and Morgan were spoken and my wife and I looked at each other and knew. At that moment, the lights dimmed and Michael W. Smith entered the stage and began to play “Above all.” 

Following the service this family invited us to dinner along with another family. We explained to them the background to the Sarah and Morgan story. On that evening the awe of Jesus initiated a re-location that changed our lives and theirs and subsequently many others. Soon after our move to San Antonio our ministry was birthed, we helped my brother-in-law start a church, my book was written, a movie was made and the journey of Awe continued… 

I came that they may have life, and have it to the full.
— Jesus: John 10:10