Random Pairing

I have a good friend that has always believed in me. That in and of itself is a blessing. His name is Gary. I am humbled by his gift of friendship. One day he uncharacteristically drove alone to a public golf course in Las Vegas. Upon checking in he was told there was a single on the first tee whom he could join. A few holes into the round this other gentleman shared that his company was looking for a speaker at their upcoming national conference in Hawaii. Gary suggested me and before I knew it I was the keynote for a Fortune 500 company. Not only that, they paid well and offered to fly my wife along with Gary and his wife to Hawaii for Five days at a fabulous resort. And we haven’t gotten to the “awe” part yet!

A few weeks later the Lord called my wife and me to give up tenure at the University of Kansas and head to Texas on a faith journey. I was being led to step out into the consulting world with no contract. God was testing our faith to the max. My colleagues at the University couldn’t believe we would do something this foolish.

We had just arrived in Ft. Worth, our new home when I received a call from the assistant GM for the San Antonio Spurs. He said that he had accidentally bumped in to the leader of the company whom I had spoken for in Hawaii. They had never previously met; they just casually started a conversation while waiting in line for a drink. It happened in Colorado at a PGA Tour event among thousands of spectators. Learning that this gentleman was with the Spurs, the leader referred to my talk in Hawaii.

Within a month the San Antonio Spurs hired me as their sport psychologist. It turned into an eight-year stint that included two world championships and working with two NBA MVPs. Among other things it gave me the privilege of working with David Robinson, a fellow believer and one of the finest gentlemen and friends I have ever known.

When God calls He puts the puzzle together with every step of faith we take. A random pairing on the first tee, a casual conversation at a PGA event, releasing the velvet handcuffs of tenure… a world championship ring. I am in awe of His precision. It really is a journey of awe.