Hope’s Magnolia

The magnolia tree gives life to the noticer. It’s aroma and brilliant white flowers bring hope each spring that lasts through mid summer.  I look for them as one looks for treasure. Glimpses of heaven abound if we look carefully. The magnolia bloom is one…

Several years ago I had given my mom and dad a Magnolia tree for their front yard. Today it stands about eight feet tall. This is the perfect height for all the senses to be affected by this masterpiece of the almighty. 

Last spring my family moved next door.  The move itself happened through a series of “awe” events that I shared in a previous blog. Part of each day my mom and dad sat out front in their lawn chairs with our collie, Hope. It was a daily routine and many neighbors would drop by just to talk… the way it used to be.

Hope, the dog, was always part of the conversation.  She often sat under the magnolia tree as if the two were life long friends. This particular magnolia tree had produced many flowers throughout the season. Magnolia aroma bathed all who visited.

By mid summer the blooms had come and gone. I was sad that the magnolia season was over. And that is when it happened.  Hope’s health began to fade with the disappearance of the blooms. For weeks she struggled until one morning she let go and went to her eternal home. 

I needed hope that day. My soul was aching. She and I had a special relationship. That afternoon my parents sat in the front yard near the magnolia. And there on the tree was a lone bloom. I drove through the neighborhood and town that day and there was not another magnolia bloom to be found. 

God knew. He speaks… and I was and am in awe…

Hope's magnolia tree with the single bloom.