A Journey of Awe

“What do you want from me.” He asked. The two blind men said, “To see.” I read that recently in Matthew and heard Him ask, “David, what do you want from me.” Wow, a God who listens, a God who speaks, and a God who wants to know what my heart longs for. I thought about it and became sort of self conscious. I was stumped because I didn’t want to say the wrong thing, ask for the wrong thing. How interesting that the first thought is the fear is of failing, losing, not even being able to ask the right question. The enemy is insidious that way. It takes a moment to realize there is no wrong answer to the One who invented Grace. So, I say, “I want awe… like the blind men I want to see too… more of you and less of this world. I want to live in awe.” Come with me on this journey of awe as we start this new year. Be expecting some glimpses of awe from me as we trek together on this sacred journey. I want to hear about yours as well. 

David L. Cook