A Click on the Remote


I received an email soon after Netflix picked up our movie, Seven Days in Utopia. The production team had passed it on to me and crossed out the lady’s name so I will never know her nor meet her.

In the email this single mom revealed that the evening before she had put her son to bed early so that he would be asleep when she took her life. She said she had been in a very dark place in her life. While waiting, she nervously turned on the TV, finding nothing on cable she clicked to Netflix and saw the name of Robert Duvall listed by a new movie. She clicked on the intro to learn about the movie. She said she had never played golf nor liked it but clicked on Seven Days in Utopia anyway because she liked Robert Duvall.

The next few lines took my breath away. She said that the message of the movie saved her life and that she went to didhemaketheputt.com and buried the lies the enemy had haunted her with and then clicked on the prayer and accepted Jesus as her Lord. She said that her son woke the following morning to a hug from his mom.

If she had been the only life changed by this movie it would have been worth all the money that it took to make this movie. When her father and the father of her child were nowhere to be found, God used Robert Duvall, the father figure in this movie, who in real life couldn’t have children, to speak to her with words of life.

I am in awe of a God who used a click on the remote to fulfill His rescue mission for this young mother who had lost all hope.